Cause And Effect Of Lung Cancer

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Introduction The second leading cause of death in the United States as of 1933 is cancer .During this period advancements took place in treatment of infectious diseases such as pneumonia and influenza. Cancer, in turn, took its place and is a chronic illness that has no known cure. There are many different types of cancer that affects different parts of the body but lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in the United States . Cancer of the lungs also known as pulmonary carcinoma is caused by a mutation in a gene known as the oncogene that when expressed at high levels has the potential to cause an overgrowth of cells leading to the formation of a tumor. There are two different forms in which tumors maybe present; a benign tumor is one that doesn’t have the potential to metastasize, or spread. A malignant tumor is the most dangerous form of tumor that can spread to surrounding tissue and other parts of the body making the condition much harder to treat and control. The indicators or symptoms of lung cancer is a cough that doesn’t go away, chest pain, hoarseness, difficulty breathing or wheezing, coughing up blood or rust colored sputum, shortness of breath and reoccurring infections of pneumonia or bronchitis . Early detection of lung cancer in an individual is very hard and most people do not exhibit any signs or symptoms indicating that they have the disease. The etiologic risk factors of the disease vary from person to person and have to do with the quality of air

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