Cause And Effect On Mothers ' During Pregnancy

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Cause and Effects on Mothers’ During Pregnancy
Stress during pregnancy can cause developmental and emotional problems for offspring; it has been observed by behavioral and biological researchers, but the objective measuring and timing of that stress and its results are difficult to prove. It is important for women who plan on becoming pregnant in the future to know how to prevent unhealthy pregnancy.
A healthy lifestyle during the prenatal period of pregnancy is a start to a healthy outcome for infants. It is important to promote healthier behaviors during pregnancy so the outcome is positive. Engaging in nutrition and achieving a healthy weight gain are essential. Physical activity during pregnancy is associated with reduced risks of pregnancy complications, better mental health, and fetal benefits including lower fat mass, improved stress tolerance, and advanced neurobehavioural maturation. Evidence supports associations between excessive gestational weight gain and increased birth weight include an increased risk of birthing large infants, cesarean surgery, excess postpartum weight retention, and overweight children (McGill University, 2015).
The bidirectional relationship between psychological and behavioral factors must be considered. Although physical activity is proven to reduce depression symptoms, the presence of depression has also been shown to be associated with physical activity. Pregnancy is a joyful event: however, it is also an adjustment for first time
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