Cause And Effects Of Cyberbullying Across The United States

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Many problems come across the United States everyday. One problem that stands almost as clear as the seas in Indonesia is bullying. Bullying gives schools all across America issues because of the violent, aggressive behavior students have to one another. Most bullies usually threaten the weak, or the ones that don't know how to defend themselves. They like having that power over someone, that's why it keeps happening. Many different types of bullying occurs across America, one of the which goes by the name of “ cyberbullying”. Cyber bullying consist of bullying using social media or technology. Nowadays, kids cyberbully more because they have phones. Phones have had many positive effects for the world but cyberbullying goes on the negative side. When people cyberbully, they usually send abusive content to other people or just post it onto social media. Social media depicts the whole base of cyberbullying. When someone posts something hurtful onto social media, that content will forever be on social media. Even if they delete it, it will still be on the database. Another form of cyberbullying that most people don't recognize of cyberbullying falls into when someone discludes someone from something online. When a group discludes …show more content…

Verbal bullying conveys an image of someone calling another person disturbing names or slurs. Commonly found in schools, this form doesn’t affect someone physically but mentally. Imagine walking to class everyday, the same people stop a person and start blurting out racial slurs and making fun of what he or she wears. Even though this form might not have seem like it has the greatest effect but most victims of bullying many grow up with an anxious problem or scared to show their true self. Often a kid is bullied if they have a “problem” in the bully's eyes. Saying this, someone literally has to be perfect in order to not be bullied, but God made nobody perfect in this

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