Cause And Effects Of Drinking And Driving

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“During the past decade, more than 2,000 lives have been lost and more than 50, 000 people have sustained injuries in collisions involving a drinking driver” (Impaired Driving Fact Sheets, 2009). Drinking and driving is a major concern that many people are trying to correct. It has caused many deaths and it is something that is completely preventable. Drinking and driving causes many problems when families lose a family member or have been a victim themselves. Governments in recent years have changed laws and added more consequences that are harsher, in order to help discourage people from driving while under the influence. Many organizations have been created in order to stop it and also create awareness. Drinking and driving effects not only the person doing it but many other people as well. One way that it affects people is emotionally. One person who lost his mother to a car accident caused by a drunk driver said in his victim impact statement, “We are a broken glass that will be put together one piece at a time, but even if we find all the pieces and put them in their places, the cracks will always show” (Sinclair, 2009). Anyone who loses someone will have feelings of sadness but losing someone also causes depression and feelings of anger because it was something that could have been prevented. Feelings of guilt also accompany because loved ones may feel that they should have protected them better. People that have survived a drinking and driving accident maybe
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