Cause And Effects Of Homelessness In The United States

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They are scattered all over the district. They are on the streets, bridges, freeway entrances, and even at your local market. You ought to have an idea to who I am referring to. That is correct, I am talking about the homeless. There are misconceptions made amid the general public, where the homeless consists of those who are unwilling to work and strive for handouts. Granted these type of individuals, also known as paupers, do make up a percentage of homelessness; however, there are more to be taken into consideration dependent upon backgrounds
I am here today to enlighten you all about the causes and effects of homelessness.
Homelessness is a growing issue within the United States and it is easily overlooked by the public regarding the causes and effects.
Social programs that were intended to aid the homeless are failing.
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It is becoming more difficult to get into an affordable housing community. For instance, in the Denver Metro Area there are only several affordable housing apartment communities and because so many people are seeking these units they have year long waiting lists. And if an individual is already living on the streets, some Metro areas require them to call a shelter and reserve a bed for the night. Transitional housing was a measure that was intended to help displaced individuals obtain housing and while it is successful there are many limitations and not enough funding.
Personal and domestic problems. The youth that are exposed to physical abuse from parents, care takers, don’t have a strong support system which results homelessness.
The national minimum wage is too low in certain regions of the country, making it difficult for individuals to be able to afford living expenses. The main breadwinner loses their job or gets laid off causing the entire family to be homeless.
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