Cause And Effects Of Prohibition

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Everybody knows about the Prohibition and how it made the making, distributing, and selling of alcohol illegal. In the early 1900’s the Prohibition was introduced as a way to save grain for the war efforts. By limiting the amounts of grains used in alcohol, the grains used in bread became more abundant. The only flaw in the plan, American’s love their alcohol. In order to get their alcohol, people began committing crimes and doing whatever was necessary to make money and drink liquor. The Prohibition was originally thought to be the silver hammer that would eliminate any and all alcohol related issues. Instead, it turned out to be the lodestone that led America into 13 years of chaos and danger. Leading up to the 1920’s national Prohibition, many groups had begun protesting the sale of alcohol. These groups became known as the “dry” folk. They claimed that excessive consumption of alcohol led to physical and mental problems. Alcohol was considered one of the deadly sins which led to the protest of saloons (Fitzgerald). Saloons were not only protested from an anti alcohol stand point, they were also protested because of their influence in political circles. Kansas was one of the first states to outlaw alcohol in 1881, they outlawed alcohol as part of their state constitution (Fitzgerald). Even though Kansas had put the Prohibition into its constitution and legislation, they were not doing a good job enforcing the law. This all changed when a lady by the name of Carry
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