Cause And Effects On Society: The Three Major Causes Of Divorce

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In America, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds. A divorce is a court judgment ending the marriage. There are several causes of divorce, but also there are many effects of divorce on kids, society, husband, and wife. Kids are the most beautiful things in the earth if people cannot deal with them those kids will depart in their life. Also, the society will effect in the divorce by bad behavior from the kids and the husband and wife. Moreover, the husband and the wife playing the main important role in divorce for example, if they love and respect each other they will be no divorce. The cause of divorce can be grouped into three main headings: the rapid change in society, communication gap between spouses, and maltreatment. The first cause of divorce that the rapid change in society. The author said that “if the partner stay away from other they will get divorce” For example, Some of the families lately because of social networking sites are no longer clustered like the old days and it is considered that children are far from their families and also a lot of wives work outside…show more content…
The author said that “the spouses should talk to other” In other word lack of communication is one of the major causes of divorce. Sometimes new couples neglect small problems until they become big problem and when they want to solve it becomes difficult to solve the problems accumulated around them and this causes them to violence and fighting and yelling, and this leads to divorce Also, they cannot have a healthy relationship if either one of them will not discuss their personal issues or express their feelings. Moreover, the spouses always expect from the partner that he or she should understand them without any discussion. But nowadays, some couples are busy in their lives and is not able to give each other enough time to talk and this miss understanding they start to quarrel and it will end in

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