Cause And Symptoms Of Alzheimer's Disease

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What is Alzheimer’s disease?
Alzheimer’s is a disease that erases the memory of people quietly. People will have difficulty in memorize recently happened events rather than the things happened years ago.
Changes in the brain:
It will damage the brain by a protein which will abnormally form amyloid plaques and tan tangles. The damages to the brain probably exist more than 10 years before cognitive problems occur which means it is symptom-free during preclinical stage. At beginning, damage happens in hippocampus, affects the forming of memories. Then, after more neuron is died and more parts of brain are affected, the brain began to shrink. Lastly, damage spreads widely and the shrinkage can be seen obviously.
Signs and symptoms
Memory problems
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On the other hand, approximately 5% of people get symptoms in their 30s, 40s or 50s. This kind of situation is called early-onset Alzheimer’s. Usually, people with early-onset Alzheimer’s will get accurate diagnosis after a long time since doctors do not consider the chances of having an early-onset Alzheimer’s. Also, for this type, more brain changes will occur. People with Down syndrome have a higher risk of having early-onset Alzheimer’s. This type can be determined by the defect in chromosome 14. People commonly have myoclonus, which is muscle twitching and spasm. Early-onset Alzheimer’s can be genetic as well; this is because of the changes in one of three unusual genes that inherited from a…show more content…
The cancer drug works as a completely different role in the brain. It is now trying to reduce the high level of abnormal protein —— amyloid beta (A-beta). It will change the behavior of a cholesterol-carrying protein (ApoE).
When tested on mice that brain was full of A-beta, only hours after, the A-beta level fell. Later on, 25% reduced after hours and 75% reduced after 14 days. The reverse of A-beta level was significantly. The testing mice also started to be no longer have memory loss since mice used to have Alzheimer's were able to building nest like home again. Another testing is about sense of smell, the testing mice became familiar with the kind of odor that put several time. From the changes of these testing mice, it is clearly that bexarotene may eleventh or even reverse the happening of Alzheimer's. Since this drug is used to treat T-cell lymphoma, so it is FDA approved. This means it will be easier for therapists to work with this drug. However, although this cancer drug worked on the mice, transform the drug for human uses is the most difficult step in drug development process. Therefore, it is hard to say whether bexarotene will work for treating
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