Cause/Effect How Technology Influences Personal Relationships

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A young woman misses the last bus because her nose is buried in a Nook. A teenage boy dumps his girlfriend of two years for a stranger he just met on Facebook. A group of kids get in a fatal car accident because the driver was texting. All of these people are real life examples of the negative impacts of digital technology on society. Technology has been evolving for hundreds of years. As it has become more advanced, the more it has taken a hold of the community. Digital technology is universal and there is no way to avoid it, but people need to start using it more responsibly. Everything gets taken for granted now that there are so many technological sources. Although there are a moderate amount of positive effects, the negative aspects…show more content…
A wall is created and distraction is always present. Texting while another person is talking can be put on the same level as talking and interrupting the same person that is already speaking. Society, especially schools, considers that type of behavior particularly disrespectful. Why then, has technology usage during real life conversations become socially acceptable? Not only does it create a distraction when conversing, but in more serious matters as well. Driving while using any sort of digital technology is the same as driving blind folded. Too many technologically related accidents have been reported to accept that it is still occurring. Though not all distractions are life threatening, such as missing the bus because a cell phone was the main focus instead, but they all have consequences that multiple people become connected to. Lutz Koepnick, a media professor at Washington University who studies digital culture feels that “The transformation of the American living room into a multiscreen communication and entertainment hub promises to ‘change our domestic sphere’… Individual family members might find themselves contently to parallel worlds almost all of the time.” It is clearly evident that technology has fully infiltrated the lives of everyone in this information age. Families within the same household are becoming divided over the strong influence of digital media. Even experts on the subject are affected all throughout their daily lives. Digital distraction,
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