Cause Of Alzheimer's Neururodegenerative Disease

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In the present day, there are quite several diseases that have yet to be treated and or prevented. One of those is a neurodegenerative disease called Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is defined by a depreciation of memory and other cognitive functions that can lead to death with in 3 to 9 years after it is properly diagnosed. The disease effects more than 35 million people in the world, 5.5 million are effected right here in the United States. The main factor that is known to cause this disease that we know of right now is age. (Querfuth & LaFerla, 2010) As people start to get older their body’s start to deteriorate and this is when Alzheimer’s is known to start taking over in the body, more specifically the brain. There are two protein abnormalities…show more content…
The telomerase reverse transcriptase protein (TERT) has recently been exhibited to have a diversity of functions. The TERT protein has been to be shown to be defensive with its interaction of the mitochondria and has been hypothesized to possibly have a protective property in the human brain. (Spilsbury, Miwa, et al. 2014) To further test this theory scientist proposed and experimented on the possible functions of TERT. The study consisted of using 24 postmortem brains from consenting donors and the used of living mice. The experiment was conducted to examine the different stages of Alzheimer’s disease pathology and the ability of the telomerase reverse transcriptase protein to protect against damage of the neurological systems. The data accumulated from the testing of the human brains and mice revealed that TERT when present in the subjects tested would begin to colonize with the mitochondria and Alzheimer’s disease subjects and would also cluster in areas under oxidative tests. (Spilsbury, Miwa, et al. 2014) The experiments showed promising results on possibly using telomerase proteins to treat and or prevent Alzheimer’s disease, but further testing must be done in order to truly conclude telomerases protective role against Alzheimer’s.

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