Cause Of Hurricane Sandy

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On October 22th of 2012 Hurricane Sandy started to evolve into a tropical storm inside the Caribbean Sea. On the 23rd it then developed into a Category 1 hurricane, and on the 24th it finally hit land in Kingston Jamaica with winds up to eighty miles per hour. Until the 29th of October this storm continued on and hit Cuba, Haiti, Canada, and the Northeastern part of the United States with winds up to one hundred and fifteen miles per hour. One reason that Hurricane Sandy was so devastating are because of how large the storm was. Some people called it “Super Storm Sandy” because of its size. Another reason was because of the lives it took. It killed nearly two hundred people and affected millions of other people’s lives as well.
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Nature Magazine said, “Others have talked about the potential that summer sea ice melt and increasingly open waters in the Artic Ocean might be altering the flow of the jet stream that circles the Northern Hemisphere (Nature Magazine).” This was a more complicated to wrap your head around, but it also makes sense that something would also be going on in the water to cause these storms such as Hurricane Sandy or Hurricane Katrina. In the article it also states on this subject that this could be responsible for the reason Hurricane Sandy hit and for many of our past large winter storms as…show more content…
I believe there could also be other reasons behind why they could be happening, but in this article it does not discuss anything other than how global warming could be the cause of them. I think it was good that they focused on the global warming aspect of it, but it would have been interesting to know if there was also something else playing in to it. The author provided good and valid information in my opinion to support the science behind all of what they discussed within the article. The fact that this article is from a scientific magazine it leads me to believe that the author of this article was certainly a recognized
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