Cause Of Illiteracy In America

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Monday 11 December 2017
Name: Michelle Kemdjo Ghomsi
Class: ENGC 1101-42
Instructor: Dan Darling

When I decided to pack my things and head to the US to pursue with my studies, there was one thing I was sure of, the cost of education would be outstanding. This high cost of education is one of the main causes of the growing percentage of illiterates in the USA. According to Chris Hedge in his article, “America the Illiteracy”, approximately 32 million adults in America are illiterate and about 14% of the entire adult population cannot read. Illiteracy is an important aspect in our society this is because it has some impacts on the Economy of a country. The causes of illiteracy are many. It is on these bases that non-profit organizations play a significant role in alleviating this social problem. I had the opportunity to volunteer at Metro South Basic Education which has as main goal the reinsertion of adults in education and reduce the level of illiteracy. Metro South quite solves the problem of high cost education because this organization offers free reading, writing and mathematics classes. The question we ask ourselves is how effective this organization works to mobilize these adults to come back to school. Even though education is costly in the USA and that many people leave school early to find a job, this non-profit organization put things together by offering free classes at a flexible schedule. It

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