Cause Of Poverty In America

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As you can see, there are more than the basics of poverty. These poor people struggle on a daily basis to provide the needs of themselves and their family. Poverty affects adults and their children in so many ways. I believe that poverty should be one of the main focuses of America. I have deep sorrow for these people doing whatever they can to make money. I think that poverty needs to be decreased in the United States. I don’t know how the people in poverty do it. They have a weight that they are carrying on their shoulders that they shouldn’t. It’s time for a change.

Poverty is caused by many different things. The central causes of poverty in America are stereotyping, separation from social activities, lack of knowledge, employment
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They are also more apt to have anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression. Children living in poverty are at risk for various amounts of health problems. It is sad that the children born into poverty don’t have a chance to be successful. Adults are affected by poverty in numerous ways. Poverty leads to divorce, which further leads to pitiful parenting. Adults may become insecure, or envious of friends or family who are making more money. They may start stealing money, because they have so little. The effects of poverty are major on adults and children. Adults might even commit suicide, because they feel like they have failed in life and think that his or her family won’t love them anymore.

There are several ways that poverty can be prevented. More jobs should be offered, and the income should be able to support their basic needs. Growing up in poverty minimizes a child’s opportunities or success, so opportunities should be displayed for them. The skills of young mothers should be improved, and the poor should be offered education or job training. People who are wealthier can donate money, food, learning tools, and clothes. Obviously one of the more common ways that poverty can be helped is buy people giving up their time for them. You can go to food drives, go to fundraisers, or go to soup kitchens. Everyone should get involved to try to decrease the amount of poverty

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