Cause Of The Pompeii Disaster

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Pompeii Destruction “By 79 CE, Pompeii was a city of about 20,000 people. There had been earthquakes, but the eruption which began on October 24 lasted for two days.” Say Kerion Connolly for 1,500 yrs pompeii was gone covered in volcanic ash because of mt vesuvius. There had been earthquakes, but the eruption which began on October, 24 lasted for two days and made the city of ash. Before the eruption there had been multiple earthquakes. Then on october 24 the volcano erupted. Earthquakes shook pompeii then the volcano erupted for 2 days straight. The main cause is that pompeii went extinct another is that 16,000 people died out of 20,000. How the disaster formed was by the previous earthquakes.This was not an accident.The people had no warning that the volcano was going to erupt. So they did not have time to plan what they were going to do if the volcano.…show more content…
It affects everyone because some people had family that lived in pompeii. At that time and some people were planning on going to pompeii and live there. Then people found out that that the volcano erupted. So then they had to re plan their trip so they had to go somewhere. This disaster could have not been prevented. Nothing could be done to prevent this disaster. it could not be handled differently. If this disaster did not happen then pompeii would have not been destroyed and it would have not been covered in volcanic ash for 1,500 now people are now aware of what could happen when a volcano like Mt vesuvius erupts According to Kieron Connolly “At the height of the eruption, 1.5 million tons of molten rock and pumice were blasted out of the volcano every second.” Mt vesuvius has erupted three dozen times since 79 A.D. Most recently from 1913-1944. The 1913-1944 eruption is thought to be the end of an eruptive cycle. That began erupting in 1631. It has not erupted since then, but Vesuvius is an active volcano , will it erupt
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