Cause Of The Spanish American War

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Causes of the Spanish-American War
In April of 1898 America finally declared war against Spain and this was as a result of the sinking of the Battleship Maine in Havana in February of the same year. After months of war and wrangles, the war came to an end after the signing of the Treaty of Paris on 10th of December 1898.1 The end of the war saw the Spaniards loss complete control over majority of their remaining empires aboard including Cuba, Philippines Islands, Puerto Rico, and Guam among other islands in South America and the Caribbean region. Majority of experts and historians believe are convinced that the Spanish-American War is the first media war in the world. This is due to the fact that the period prior to the war, majority of
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The conflict and wrangles between Cuba and Spain resulted to about 100,000 deaths of Cubans.3 Majority of the Cubans from the suburbs and rural areas were herded by the Spanish in camps where they suffered of starvation and other diseases. Sanitation and insufficient food was the main concern of these people and this resulted to massive casualties. The highlighted injustices, together with other political motivations led to America 's intervention in the year 1898. Subsequently, the Americans were able to overthrow the Spanish rule rendering both Cuba and Philippines as part its colonies.
Desire to spread Christianity and democracy
While one cannot simply deny America’s colonialist presuppositions in involving itself with the war, it is clear that the main driving force and motivation into the war was founded on the development of America 's national identity that held the nation as being just, democratic and humane.4 As such, America had a duty to protect the oppressed regardless of their nationality and race. America 's victory over Spain, and the restoration of peace among the Cuban people was an affirmation that America was a democratic and just nation. To a large extend, this victory placed America in the center of global power and control.
In addition, the Protestant Christians in America strongly objected the Spanish cruelty in Cuba and were more than willing to help. Majority of the Americans at this time were
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