Cause Of The War Of 1812

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Causes of the War of 1812


Horsman pg 14 It is easier to show why America should have gone to war in 1807 or 1809 rather than in 1812
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It was not the achievement of independence but the outbreak of war between England and France in 1793 that ultimately lead to the war of 1812
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Threat of Invasion
England went back to war with france in 1803. Napoleon was determined to defeat England on her own soil and never again until the summer of 1940 was England so near invasion and defeat.
British Policy towards the United states was governed by European affairs. United States was involved inextricably in the Affairs of Europe.
From 1803 to 1805 England considered herself in imminent danger of invasion.
The English made plans to evacuate the King and Queen in case of a French invasion.
Britain’s policy against the United States must be considered against the total war. It was prevented for some time by the first minister Henry Addington’s inability to be an aggressive war minister.
From 1803 to 1805 England needed sailors as a last, and only, line of defense against the conquering armies of Napoleon.
After 1805 the war in Europe resembled a commercial struggle. Napoleon controlled the land and England controlled the sea. More and more ships and sailors were needed to patrol the huge Napoleonic coast line. The United States was harboring British deserters. The British ship that took the new British Minister, Anthony Merry to the United States in 1803,
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