Cause Of World War 2 Essay

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Causes of World War 2 Through the course of history, the most destructive war had emerged creating a distraught and treacherous 6 years. World War 2 was the result of 50 million people's death. Many lost their life and their love ones through this war. Both civilians and military lost their lives. World War 2 was fought over 6 continents and every ocean. It was by far the most global war fought, with 50 nations involved. Causes of World War 2 included the result of the Versailles Treaty, American Isolationism and the most important reason; Pearl Harbor The first major cause of World War 2 was the Versailles Treaty. World War 1 was fought in the beginning of the 1900's. With world powers rising and competing for land, countries were making alliances. These alliances led to the destructive years of 1914-1918. World War 1 otherwise known as the Great War ended with defeat of central powers, the fall of for Imperial dynasties, and slaughter and destruction. The end of World War 1 was the start to World War 2. After World War 1 ended neither Japan nor Germany was happy. Japan was not grateful because they were promised the one thing they wanted the most; land. Japan was on the side of the central powers, but once they lost what they were promised they traded sides and fought against the central powers in World War 2. After being denied what they were promised Japan had a major animosity towards the treaty and the nations that decided on the treaty. Germany also had animosity
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