Cause and Effect Analysis: Advertising for Blood Donation

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Advertising encourages people to donate blood and can also be used as a reminder. Donating blood ensures that there is enough blood in the blood banks, in case of an emergency blood requirement. Showing people that by them donating blood they could be saving a life will encourage people to donate blood more frequently. This paper will analyze the effect of advertising to encourage people to donate blood. The amount of blood donated after an advertisement has been shown to increase, and this goes to show that advertising does work.
Advertisements for blood donations have positive and negative effects on the community. The advertisements are in the everyday aspects of the modern society. Though the advertisements are sometimes manipulative, they make use of techniques that are controversial and the adverts appeal psychologically which encourages more blood donation.(Katsaliaki & Brailsford, 2007). This paper will show that blood donations are guided by advertisements.
Causes of advertising for blood donation
There are many reasons of advertising for blood donations. The major cause has been low levels in the blood banks. When blood banks are running low on blood, they need to advertise to increase the blood. Without advertising, the community would not be aware of the need for donating…

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