Cause and Effect Essay

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Cause and Effect Essay

Why Am I a College Student?

Obtaining a college education is an essential part of my career goals and life. I am attending college to gain more knowledge, have the necessary credentials to be competitive in my career, and to make my family proud. One day I want to own and operate my own hotel company with my sister, who is currently attending Norfolk State University studying Tourism & Hospitality Management as well. We plan to start our business together and become one of the top lodging companies in the world. As a child, my parents took me and my siblings on all types of trips. I have been all over the United States including Hawaii as well as Cancun, Mexico and Greece.
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I truly enjoyed meeting different people from all over the world, that in and by itself was an education. Helping people enjoy their stay at these hotels was very satisfying and gave me a sense of accomplishment. My tenure at the hotels was very instrumental in my decision to make the hospitality industry my career. After a year and a half at Michigan State University, I realized that a big university environment really wasn’t for me and I decided to come back home to Washington, DC. Since I wasn’t in school, I decided to obtain jobs in the industry to afford me the opportunity to continue to gain experience and learn all that I could about the industry. I first worked at Embassy Suites Hotel as a front desk agent, then at the City Club of Washington as the morning receptionist, and lastly as a guest service agent at Homewood Suites by Hilton ~ Falls Church. Even though I enjoyed working and making money, I always had the desire to go back to college and get my degree. I found out first-hand the importance of a degree while working. I couldn't get promoted due to me not having my degree, I had all of the experience but not the paperwork! Management trainees for larger upscale hotel chains almost always need a bachelor’s or master’s degree, preferably in hospitality or hotel management (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Research shows that, on an average college graduates earn double the amount as high school graduates. Attending college

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