Cause and Effect Essay on Eating Disorders

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The distinctions between eating disorders can be complex. While anorexia and bulimia may have some issues in common, other factors make them distinct. For parents, trying to understand the differences can be crucial. Early detection and proper treatment significantly improve the chances for a child to recover. Bulimia and anorexia are both very dangerous, and can be life threatening. Both are very common among teens and young adults. Eating disorders are becoming more familiar for this generation to feel accepted and in this society. Anorexia Nervosa is a prolonged disorder of eating due to loss of appetite. This disorder affects many women and a few men, some of whom go undiagnosed for years. Early diagnosis and treatment can …show more content…
This is her story. When I was younger I thought women were supposed to be thin. It was probably because I was obsessed with princesses, Barbie dolls and my Mom; all of whom were slim. I was always quite skinny, so I didn't really worry about my body in a big way until I was a teenager. That's when I got a lot curvier, and I thought it was the most terrible thing. I think my problem with body image was part of a bigger issue to do with low self-esteem. It doesn't help that our society is so preoccupied with weight loss and dieting. The real problems started when I decided to go on a diet in a bid to feel better about myself. Like a lot of people who develop eating disorders, I'm a perfectionist, so the diet soon turned into a total obsession.
I became completely obsessed with numbers and would spend all of my time calculating calories and grams of fat. Even when I was in lessons at school or having conversations with people I'd be frantically working out how much I could eat, how much weight I could lose, and over what period of time. I'd do the same sums repeatedly just in case I was getting them wrong. I'd re-read nutrition labels that I knew off by heart, just in case food companies had introduced more calories. It completely took over my life and I'd weigh myself several times a day. What I weighed completely dictated how I felt about my whole life. I used the scales not just to establish my weight, but also for measuring my self-worth. Quite early on my
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