Cause and Effect Essay on Obesity

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Tiffany Nali
Period 3
May 20,2012 Cause and Effect Essay on Obesity

Obesity is one of the main topics in America including one of the main reasons of death.-(begin with a subject) Detecting obesity is easy, but treating it can be very hard to do. Never have there have been so many teens and children not only overweight but obese. In some ways, it could be called the plague of the twenty- first century due to adolescents and teenagers indulging themselves in a plethora of food for every meal they have, therefore becoming overweight and morbidly obese. In the eighteen hundreds there was not a fast food place to go to unlike these days, so children were not obese like they are
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After coming home from work, parents tend to like to relax on the couch and enjoy a fast meal instead of taking the time to cook essentially promoting that it is ok for their kids to do so as well. It's time parents learn their role in helping and fighting the problem of obesity. During this economic drought parents “need to protect their children from unhealthy foods and from sloth. It’s not easy, especially when both parents are working, or there is only one parent in the home” (p13). For example, it’s hard for my aunt, a single mother of six, to come home from a full days work, clean the house, take care of the children and prepare a dinner. Instead, McDonalds is a cheap and convenient alternative to keep the children satisfied and relieve some of the work load. The accessibility of fast food is one of the main causes parents allow their children to consume such foods.

The availability of fast food has become an easy access to the youth of America, due to an increase in fast food marketing and restaurants being built on nearly every street corner. In David Barboza’s article, If You Pitch It, They Will Eat, he explains that
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