Cause and Effect: Music and Media

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Music & Our Culture Have you ever had such a terrible day you just want to completely forget it happened? You want to unwind by taking a late night cruise in your car and jam out to your favorite CD, or sitting on your couch watching music videos. I am a strong believer in the power of good music. The right song can set any desired mood and cause your thoughts to melt away. Music causes people to sit down and study, get up and dance, and it might even make them angry or sad. It has such a bearing on our lives and affects our moods and actions more than we think. Music is much more than just songs on the radio; it has a way of controlling what people do, how they dress, how they act, how they feel, and what they say. It is weird to…show more content…
Now cartoons come out that cuss more than sailor. If this trend continues they might go as far as to come out with cartoon reality shows. Cable companies even had to place ratings on every show because there are things so outrageous on television that most people should not watch. Shows about drinking, sex, and crime are projected threw television in virtually ever American
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