Cause-and-Effect Relationship between TV Violence and Actual Crimes

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The subject of violence and sexuality on television has remained of great concern for both liberals and conservatives, and there are advocates on both sides of the issue in each ideological camp. While some liberals bridle at any attempts to curtail speech, others are concerned about the impact that violent television viewing has upon impressionable viewers like children and are concerned about television's possible role in creating a more violent society. Conservatives sometimes support a certain degree of regulation of speech to uphold family values, although libertarians dispute the government's right to regulate television viewing. Between these polarized ideologies, clear and substantiated facts must provide some 'light' as to the potential causal role of viewing violence on television and violent acts. The balance of the evidence suggests that while there is a strong correlation that has been established in some studies between violent television viewing and aggression and viewing sexual activity and early sexual behavior, the causal link is dubious.

One of the earliest experiments showing the link between observed violence and violent behavior was that of Bandura's 'Bobo' studies. In the study, nursery school-aged children were divided into three groups. Each child was observed individually. The first group witnessed adults who…
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