Cause and Effect of Forgiving

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Life is flawed, and at some point nearly everyone has been hurt, criticized, or teased. Harmful actions leave a wound that can be long-lasting, and can affect others as well. The anger and bitterness a victim carries can be used as vengeance on the perpetrator. It is at this point that forgiveness can play a vital role. Many people do not realize the impact of choosing whether to forgive or not. If forgiveness is not the chosen path, the victim can be the one who suffers the most. The act of hurt will always remain a part of the victim’s life. But if forgiveness is acted upon, he or she can end up with a lighter weight emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. With a new perspective, the person can focus on the importance of life…show more content…
On Wednesday November 15, 1994, a small school in Giles County experienced the nightmare of a school shooting. A Richland High School senior, James, entered the school with a .22-calibre rifle, and inside the hallway he confronted Carolyn, a teacher at the school. He shot her fatally in the head, along with a student. The daughter of Mrs. Carolyn, Kathy, was traumatized by this horrible event. She soon arrived at the point where she felt that forgiving the shooter needed to be done. Before she came to this realization, she stated that she had a lot of anger and bitterness towards her mother’s killer, James. She denied that she was ever in a medically depressed state, but said that if she had let this event control her life, she would not have been able to move on. She admits that the absence of forgiveness could have possibly put her into a medically depressed state. If Kathy had decided not to forgive, she would have been in danger of a variety of negative medical effects. According to the research of WebMD, physical effects of an unforgiving mentality can present as high blood pressure, back pain, stomach problems, and headaches. These problems are caused by the “holding in” of feelings, pain, and hurt by the incident. WebMD reports an experiment with 71 college students who were allowed to reflect on injustices done to
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