Cause of Depression

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Cause of Depression Analysis Worksheet Purpose: The Cause of Depression Analysis Worksheet’s purpose is to guide your steps in analyzing the resources from the Resource List in u06s3 and Capella Library regarding the cause of depression from the perspective you have chosen to research. This worksheet will help lead you through the research process by providing you a systematic way to analyze the resources you have chosen to research. As you review resources, you will use the worksheet to analyze the authors’ positions on the issue and the arguments they present to support their positions. To fill out the worksheet, work your way down through the analysis components for each individual article and record your analysis for each component…show more content…
Depression is not one 's state of mind or the the way an individual is feeling. It’s a medical condition. It should be must be looked at with the proper mentality. Depression is a very severe disease that can alter one 's lifestyle, their eating, sleeping pattern, friendship, and habits. Individuals depression cannot expect change in a month or wish themselves better. They must get medical attention, either physical or mental treatment in order to help restore equilibrium. This is where counseling plays a major role in their recovery. By discussing their problems with a trained psychologist. Individuals can find ways to avoid future depression triggers and find a balance. If we accept the author’s line of reasoning, the implications are . . . [What consequence does the author’s argument have on our understanding of current research and/or theory?] As psychiatrist we will continue educate ourselves more about the Causes of Depression. However, with combinated research and the appropriate proceedings of treating an individual with depression illnesses can get better. As a psychiatrist we will learn more about the Reactions of Depression with more research and the proper procedures we will work more towards treating an individual with depression illnesses. If we reject the author’s line of reasoning, the implications are . . . [What consequence does
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