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Cause of Eating Disorders In America, today we often hear of people who suffer from illness such as cancer, aids etc. what we often don’t hear about is the illness that effects a lot of people each year that being eating disorders. Whenever I hear about eating disorders it remains me of one of my cousin who had suffered from anorexia. It all started when her family and acquaintances started to say that she was fat and chubby. In her family everyone is very slim and tall so her brothers started teasing and calling her fatty and used to say that she need to loose weight otherwise nobody will marry her or even wants to be with her. She used to worry so much about her weight and wanted to loose weight. The only way she found for…show more content…
For example they might loose fifty pounds and still think they are too fat. They eat very little, if any at all, but most of them claim that they do not get hungry. It is a very dangerous and serious disease. Sports are one of the factors that lead to eating disorders. Gymnasts and dancers have to maintain a small skinny frame. They tried to maintain or loose weight to a stay in shape. There are many other sports were athletes have eating disorders. Some examples are track, swimming, cross-country, youth football and other sports. In order to maintain their weight most of them eat less and they over exercise to keep them in shape. Another cause of this sometimes-fatal disease has to do with body image and peer pressure. A person with eating disorder typically suffers from a body image disturbance that can impact many areas his or her life. Most women are given the message at a very young age that in order to be happy and successful, they must be thin. For example, every time you walk into a store you are surrounded by the images of emaciated models that appear on the front cover of all the fashion magazines. Thousands of teenage girls are starving themselves this very minute trying to attain what fashion industry considers to be the “ideal” figure. The average model weights less than an average woman does. Teenagers need to realize society’s ideal body image is not achievable. The photos we see in the
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