Cause of Homosexuality Essay

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What exactly is a homosexual? It is a person sexually attracted to a person of their own sex. Why do people become homosexuals? This is a question that has been asked ever since the first homosexual person "came out of the closet." People do not choose to become homosexuals. There has never been a proven theory of why people become homosexuals. There are three theories that try to explain why people become homosexuals, they are: the Biological theory, Psychiatric theory, and the Sociological theory.(Thio, 211) The Biological theory is broken down into three different parts. The first one is the hormone theory which states that homosexual men have a low level of male sex hormones and a homosexual female have a low level of female…show more content…
Homosexuality is a very controversial subject. Some people do not accept it as well as do others. Things that affect a society are the 5 institutions: religion, family, education, politics, and economy. Religion is one institution that has strong influence on homosexuality. Two religions used in this research paper are Mormon and Christian. Mormons consider homosexuality very sinful. They believe that one should love the sinner hate the sin.(www1) In the Bible, read by Christians, it considers homosexual actions wrong.(Bender, 204) In the New Testament of the Bible, Paul says that homosexuality is way for people to turn their backs away from God. It also says that this is leading away from what is "natural".(IBID) Christian parents have said that child having a homosexual relationship is a painful problem to face.(IBID, 199) If a teen is having feelings that he might be gay and is trying to cope with those feelings, they see that they will have to deal with the society's hostile attitudes about homosexuals. (Nardo, 65) Parents often hope and pray that their child will grow up to be "normal". This does not always happen and causes frustration in the family.(Bender, 199) If a
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