Cause of the Civil War

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History 11 12/17/2006 The root causes and precipitating events that led to the Civil War (1861-1865) The Civil War between northern and southern states was a consequence of contradictions of two social systems inside the country. At the basis of these contradictions was a question of slavery, completely determining economic and political interests of South. North strived to enforce Federal government power to protect their own economic stability. As a result the South wanted a separation and the North was determined to keep the country unified. Therefore, besides slavery as a main root cause of the conflict, there were other causes as economic differences and political events which led to the Civil War. The independence from…show more content…
After 1808 when slave import was prohibited (though still about 250,000 slaves were imported illegally) the South became the main source of slaves supply. The level of imported goods in the South was great at that time to support all needs of rich plantation slave owners. This export-import trade was the source from which South derived its wealth. The economic power of the South blossomed. As the slave population grew (by 1860 there were about 4 million slaves) the political presence of the South grew as well based three-fifths representation. Thank to slavery the South became a very strong, powerful structure. At the same time the South believed that the North had been pulling their capitals using different kind of tariffs or law / legal obligations. Therefore, the Tariff of Abomination (1828) which taxed import goods was extremely painful. Actually the proposal for this Tariff was made by southerners in Congress to turn southern population against the North in order to support the election of Andrew Jackson who supposed to be on southern side. In 1832 South Carolina resisted the collection of Federal tariff but had to agree because the President at that time Andrew Jackson threatened to send troops and push the collection. In 1850 there was another attempt of the southern states to secede and again, then another President, Zachary Taylor, threatened to send the army. The goal of the South was to establish the US as a

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