Causes And Cons Of Union Problems

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LESSON 10 - Union Problems Objectives: Identify and understand how differing viewpoints led to political instability Identify and understand actions that further divided Northern and Southern America Identify key figures who impacted both sides of the Union's debate The Growing Division of American Politics The American North and South were vastly different, and each had its own economy and society. The North was heavily industrialized with many factories, boasted over 20,000 miles of railroad track, and established prosperous cities. The North was populated with immigrants who generally opposed slavery. The South was still an agricultural society with little industry and few immigrants in the population. During a congressional debate about funding the Mexican War, Pennsylvania Congressman David Wilmot tried to add an amendment that would ban slavery from any territory the United State gained in the war. Northern Congress members were in support of the amendment but Southern Congress members were not in favor of it. The Wilmot Proviso did pass two times in the House but never passed failed in the Senate. When California applied for statehood as a free state in 1849 the slavery debate continued. Southerners believed California should be a slave state because most of the state was south of the Missouri Compromise line. When this idea was rejected, some Southerners threatened to have Southern states leave the Union. Henry Clay of Kentucky developed this
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