Causes And Consequences Associated With Weight Gain And Obesity Among Refugees And Immigrants

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Have you ever wondered what factors lead to weight gain and obesity among immigrants and refugees in the United States? Are you aware of how weight gain and obesity is affecting the refugees and immigrants in the United States? The immigrants and refugee population in the United States is growing dramatically because people from many corners of the world have been moving to the United States for improving their lives. However, there are multiple problems including in diet and nutrition after people arrive in the USA. This paper explores major causes and consequences associated with weight gain and obesity among refugees and immigrants in the US. For the purpose, I reviewed 20 related research articles on the same topics written by many experts. Based on the review of the literature, I have two findings: (1) the major causes of the weight gain in immigrants are their continued use of nutrition and inability (or unwillingness) to adapt their lifestyles according to the new environment, and (2) such inability to adapt ultimately promotes the development of chronic diseases as obesity significantly increases chances of having such diseases. These findings do have implications regarding food acculturation, modern dietary practices, developing appropriate lifestyles, fixing nutritional deficiencies and also in improving food security. Therefore, I think that we need an intervention to fix the causes and decrease the consequences of weight gain among refugees and…
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