Causes And Consequences Of Emotional Triggers

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We all have them and when they hit they are usually unexpected and beyond our control. What happens next, right after we are confronted by this unforeseen trigger? Well, if we haven’t done the personal work to gain insight into what and why we are triggered, we tend to react with old patterns, defence mechanism and strategies that no longer serve us and can actually make things worse. Emotional triggers come in all shapes and sizes, as that is the nature of them. They can be obvious like if someone were to outright insult you or directly threaten your safety. However, triggers can quite often be much more subtle. For instance, someone might make a mildly sarcastic comment, which reminds you of a memory of someone belittling you in the past. Something seemingly small and insignificant to someone else might instantly set you off down a train of negative thought. Triggers aren’t always about what people say or do though, they can also be a smell you remember from childhood or even the date of a traumatic event earlier in your life. A trigger can pertain to any of the five senses, however the most common triggers are sight and sound. When we are emotionally triggered our individual “conditioned responses” can vary widely from from person to person and depending on the situation we are dealing with. Some of the more common conditioned responses are to: -get angry -needy -comply or try to be too much of a people pleaser by not honoring yourself first -withdraw or shut
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