Causes And Consequences Of Human Trafficking

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The exploitation of trafficking victim occurs within and outside the country resulting in physical and physiological violence, retaliation, debt bondage, economic instability, separation and being prosecuted under the migration or criminal law enforcement. Moreover, in the worst-case victim is being killed or committed suicide due to the unbearable violence. The returning of trafficking victim to the country of origin is problematic. The spreading stigma within the society, predominantly women working in prostitution or experienced sexual abuse to be perceived as immoral and dirty. The shame and failure to meet family and community expectation is severely affecting victim’s self-confidence. Hence, divorce, and rejection from family and community are inevitable. The financial difficulty, physical and physiological harm consequently increase victim dependency. There is also a raising concern on the risk of trafficker revenge and victim re-trafficking.
Many local and international NGOs are involved in development and poverty reduction program in NTT. However, the empirical study reveals that fewer NGO have been concern on Human Trafficking issue regardless of the high number of victims and the close relations between development and the root causes of trafficking. None of NGO have been specifically established to dealing with Human Trafficking. Consider the harmful impact of trafficking, some of NGOs have been initiated to support Human Trafficking victims. There are several
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