Causes And Consequences Of Lung Cancer

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Lung Cancer? Blood Cancer? Bronchitis? COPD? All these familiar and terrifying words have one root in common- Smoking. 9 out of 10 smokers’ first smoke is at the age of 18 and 99% try it by the age of 26(Centre for Disease Control and Prevention). Each day about 4000 youths tries cigarettes for the first time (Haugen,2004). Even after being aware of the ill effects of the so-called ‘cool thing’, smokers cannot stop themselves after their first smoke. Teenage smoking had declined steadily from 1990 to 2005 but again, it has become one of the alarming issues among teenagers (National Centre for Biotechnology Information).
Teenagers get hooked to smoking in their early years of high school. “Smoking seriously damages health”, is written on every pack of cigarettes. All in vain, in spite of being acquainted with the hazards, teenagers come under peer pressure and fall for the tempting advertisements. Smoking is still the single biggest cause of preventable death in United states.
There are a lot of dangerous effects of smoking on the mind and health of a person, in teens especially, where their mind is still nurturing and then there happens to be an addiction to nicotine. Addiction to nicotine is as hazardous as addiction to heroin. Once the brain increases the capacity of nicotine receptors, it becomes almost impossible to resist from it. If the brain stops receiving nicotine, the person might feel anxious, irritable and will have a strong desire for more. Smoking also…

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