Causes And Consequences Of Terrorism

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Terrorism is a controversial issue in the present-day society. Based on the perspective of the International community, there is no universally accepted, and legally binding criminal law defining terrorism (Carr, March 2007).The dividing line between terrorism per se and other grievance crimes has become less distinct. (Veness, Volune 24, 2001). In the end, its impact and consequences are what matters to the victim of this horrendous crime rather than the motivation. Bruce Hoffman sums it up: “Terrorism has become accessible to anyone with a grievance, an agenda, a purpose or any idiosyncratic combination of the above” (Hoffman, June 2006). Despite the lack of agreement in the definition of terrorism, it is widely agreed that “terrorists are neither hopelessly irrational nor insane” (Al Raffie, 2016)
In the present world, the terms Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security have become well known to the public, not only by those directly involved in the fight against Terrorism but also by those who have been exposed to these terms by media.
In the following report, the author will identify three specific and significant targets/threats in Malta and discuss the impact of a terrorist attack on each target. In addition, the author will also explain the fight against terrorism by the Malta Police Force and discuss what can be improved.

What significant threats/targets are in your state/country or could impact you? Consider the idea of impact (low, medium. High) vs. Probability
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