Causes And Consequences Of Untreated Mental Illness

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In a given year, one out of every four American adults will suffer from a mental illness. Therefore, it would be logical to hypothesize that you or someone you love may be affected by mental illness at some point in your or his or her lifetime. A meta-synthesis of 144 quantitative and qualitative studies consisting of 90,189 participants highlighted that 52% - 74% of Americans and Europeans with mental disorders do not receive treatment. This is problematic for many reasons, as untreated mental illness has devastating and even deadly consequences. A 2014 study conducted by the RAND Cooperation found that approximately 90% of subjects with mental disordered reported being stigmatized and discriminated against in the past year. A 2014 World Health Organization study relived that every 40 second someone commits suicide, which amounts to over a staggering 800,000 suicides every year. Now, take into consideration the families, friends, and loved one’s who suffer the devastating loss of their loved ones whose death could have certainly been prevented. The harsh reality is mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands and wives take their life every single day. My research question is why are the mentally ill stigmatized? Does gender affect attitudes towards mental illness? I am studying the effect gender has on views towards mental illness. My dependent variable is attitudes towards mental illness and my independent variable is gender. My supporting independent variables

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