Causes And Effect Of A Multi Dimensional Body On Nutrition, Self Governance, Choice And Freedom

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CHAPTER ONE WHO AM I If you take a quick view of yourself, you will find a living, breathing, intricate machine. Humans have physical, social, mental and spiritual make-up. Humans control a multi-dimensional body which thrives on nutrition, self-governance, choice and freedom. This machine needs constant maintenance and care to work at its peak. People use the knowledge of the body to upkeep operations. Care increases longevity and durability of the delicate body. Although well-built, the body reaches a point where it declines, breaks, or even dies. Diseases which debilitate and punish contribute to early decline and death of a person. At its worst, a weak frame decreases the joy and delight of any …show more content…
Illness destroys the internal components and burdens the emotions. Observers look at people and assess outward looks. If we admire beauty and healthy appearance we compliment the model. Most time if we dislike what we see we make discouraging remarks. The physical appearance indicates health facts different than what exist within someone. Observers can miss-read a charming smile, bright eyes, and robust conversations to judge health and strength. These outer indications form part of healthy living but can be manipulated. Individuals confide in friends and care givers about their true physical feeling and wellness index. An increased sensitivity to peoples’ well-being indicates care for self and others.
An abnormal action in the natural working of the body suggests ill-health. Nausea, vomiting and aches signal a person needs medical help. Swellings, fatigue, and excess production of body fluids alert individuals to problems with the body. People should investigate changes in the eyes and skins as the changes may relate to health problems. The head and stomach respond to digestive illness but all parts of the body can show distress. Sickness affects all organs, limbs, or bones without warning. Take safe home or over-the–counter remedy for simple illness like the flu but when illness persists find a doctor. Health professionals diagnose and treat sickness but one should explain existing symptoms
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