Causes And Effect Of A Multi Dimensional Body On Nutrition, Self Governance, Choice And Freedom

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CHAPTER ONE WHO AM I If you take a quick view of yourself, you will find a living, breathing, intricate machine. Humans have physical, social, mental and spiritual make-up. Humans control a multi-dimensional body which thrives on nutrition, self-governance, choice and freedom. This machine needs constant maintenance and care to work at its peak. People use the knowledge of the body to upkeep operations. Care increases longevity and durability of the delicate body. Although well-built, the body reaches a point where it declines, breaks, or even dies. Diseases which debilitate and punish contribute to early decline and death of a person. At its worst, a weak frame decreases the joy and delight of any individual; while at its best makes a person feels uplifted, happy and fulfilled. The human body changes every day as it gets older. These changes form part of the growth pattern from childhood to adulthood. The changes show limits as parts stop growing or decrease in size. Height stops or reduces in measurement. The Human’s body hair disappears or changes color overtime. After a while the skin sags and wrinkles with exposure to sunlight and chemicals. People’s teeth decay and change color with poor dental hygiene or tooth-damaging diets. People’s physical features undergo many natural changes that bears little resemblance to earlier stature. Everyone wants to live a happy healthy life but ignorance of body changes interfere with happiness.…
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