Causes And Effect Of Culture Shock

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Moving from a place where you are so familiar with to the unknown is always a terrifying feeling we as humans could experience. It is a terrifying feeling because we get attached to the place that we come to know and love. Reason been we know our way around and are comfortable in our zone. As humans we always want to welcome change because it is part of life to take risks and come out of our comfort zone to experience new things. Sometimes it is a hard thing to do due to the fact we are close-minded and never ready for change. We fear what the outcome will be. Anxiety takes a toll and clouds up our thoughts and prevents us from seen that we can not always be attached to our comfort zone because one day things can change and we then will be force to enter the unknown. That is when culture shock occurs because culture shock can happen at any point in a person’s life. Whether it is moving from one country to another or a new school or even a new job. Adapting to new things is always the hardest thing when it comes to culture shock. With time things can fall into place and one can adjust to their new culture. There are times when the circumstances we are in force us to leave our culture behind to enter the unknown. “We move to another culture or encounter people from an alien culture, where our views may clash with the different beliefs, norms, values and traditions that exist in those countries. We may have difficulty adjusting to a new culture and to those parts of the

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