Causes And Effect Of Drug Addiction

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Causes of Drug Abuse Relapse Ahmad Al-Nassr Introduction Drug abuse is a developed psychic and physical interaction between a living organism and a drug whether an animal or a human being. It is characterized by behavior that includes compulsion to take drugs in order to experience the psychic effect. Sometime it is to avoid the discomfort of the absence of the drug in the body system. Drug addiction causes intolerance so that drug addict can be dependent on drugs more than one drug (Geneva, 2003) Treating addiction can be seen as a solution to a drug addiction. There is demand to live normally after a drug addiction recovery. However, there are problems that could be almost the same as those during addiction. The recovery from the world of drug use to that of no drugs has numerous adjustments with difficulties and sometime stress. Relapse can be viewed as one of the difficulties into adaption to the new status that can lead one to taking drugs again. There is shift in attitude and behavior observed (Gautam, 2012). The stages of relapse may defer so that some may go back for help immediately after the first drug take and others after a while of indulgence. A factor that triggers relapse plays a role in the recovery and stabilization of the user (Kauer , 2004). Some of them is when admitted in a medical clinic and forced to stop drug use. After release, it may cause relapse. Others circumstances are stress or re-exposure of the substance us., level of education,
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