Causes And Effect Of Oxygen Debt

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Burn up to 20% more Calories
Do you really know how your body burns calories? It burns them by consuming oxygen. Yes, the oxygen you breathe in burns the calories you want to burn so much. And how many does it actually burn? It is said that by consuming 1l of oxygen you burn approximately 5 calories. This is where the Kinetic-BANDS come in, they will help you burn more calories by increasing your oxygen debt. Oxygen debt is created when you do exercises without using oxygen – anaerobic exercises. The Kinetic-BANDS will push your body so far that it will leave you breathless and therefore make your body consume more oxygen after the exercise and as a result of that burn more calories than you normally would.

Speed up your Metabolism
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Those muscles will work more intensively during every workout in order to overcome the resistance and will consequently get toned and shaped at a faster rate.

Stimulate Muscle Hypertrophy – Metabolic Stress
Muscle Growth or Muscle Hypertrophy occurs due to three factors, and one of those is metabolic stress. Metabolic stress takes place during weight lifting or high resistance training like training with the Kinetic-BANDS. Because the Bands put your body under pressure for a long time, your muscle cell undergoes a considerable change in metabolic environment. During metabolic stress your anabolic hormone levels rise and your muscles will be deprivated from oxygen. To explain it simpler: You will feel your muscles ’’Burn’’ when working out with the Kinetic-BANDS.

Stimulate Muscle Hypertrophy – Muscle Damage
Did you know your muscles grow because you damage your muscle tissues. Training with the Kinetic-BANDS extensively damages your muscle tissues, because your muscles are working a lot harder than they do during normal training. The damage also gets worse, because the muscle is lengthened extensively and it creates microscopic tears. In response to repairing the muscles, your body produces various growth factors, which allows the muscle cells to repair and grow larger.

Stimulate Muscle
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