Causes And Effects Of Bullying Essay

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Bullying in the school and its effects.

Bullying is an act where a person is abused by the abuser. Bullying occurs mostly in schools and colleges most students are bullied by their seniors and bullies think they will gain popularity and they can prove their strength to others.
DEFINATION: bullying is an act of harassment or forcing someone to do something. It is an act where the victim is constantly harassed, stalked, and abused by one person or more than one. Bullying does not have to be small it is violent most of the time. People may be bruised, injured, mentally depressed or can even end their lives. Usually kids under bad influence turn violent and bully other people.
TYPES OF BULLYING: bullying can occur anywhere or anytime. It can be experienced by children in schools and adults as well. Some are obvious to spot while others can be more subtle.
• Physical bullying: it involves abusing someone physically by hitting, kicking, tripping,
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They often bully to feel powerful and to gain superiority over someone. They usually feel no guilt and remorse while bullying others. Whereas on the other hand victims tend to have characteristics that portray low self-esteem, and are socially emotional and weak in nature. Victims may feel that they are inferior and weaker than the bullies either physically or socially. They rarely retaliate against bullies, until and unless they feel secure to discuss this matter with their guardians or loved ones.
EFFECTS OF BULLYING: one of the major effects of bullying is this that it can complete ruin the victim’s life and change his personality. It can cause people to change from normally confident and happy to self-conscious, shy and insecure person. Victims of bullying can become so sad and depressed that it may require years or some time even life time to recover. It mostly leads to a person ending his life if bullying is
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