Causes And Effects Of Cheating

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Hey there, let’s talk about something almost everyone has been through at least once point in their life. Cheating most but maybe not all guys or girls have cheated on or with. It is the hardest thing to go through. Imagine giving all one person’s trust and love and attention to one person and they just ruin all of someone’s trust and leave one and not care all of a sudden. Then then tell one or one find out he was cheating on ones the whole time and left one for someone else. They might not be prettier than one and they might not love him like the other person do but that person cannot help it. That might not have done anything wrong but the person does not know how to feel. If a person been through this most people will say most people will get through it. There is a quote that says “A relationship is not a test so why cheat?” this quote speaks volume. There are so many reasons or causes to cheating but why do it? Why let someone or something get in the way of love or a persons loved one. If the person truly love someone why leave them why cheat on them. People won’t matter to a person or another guy/girl shouldn’t catch the spouse’s eye. The only thing that should matter is the person’s spouse. The effect of cheating can severely affect people’s health or to someone wouldn’t affect most at all. There are a lot of Reasons not to cheat. First of all there is NO reason to cheat at all!!!! Why cheat? Why cheat on the girl/guy that loves the person with all her heart. There is no point. If you are not happy anymore then tell them try to work it out do not just leave and not tell her/him. NEVER CHEAT ON HIM/HER EVER!!! Most built a trust with their spouse. Why ruin it, why let a good thing turn into garbage. Just talk about it with the spouse. Do not let some girl/guy ruin their feelings or the one person that loves each other and someone that would give that person the world if the person could. How do you think that person would feel if someone said the person was going to give their friend food at lunch then the person just would not even talk to them and gave the food to someone else? Well most people can relate to food because most all love one thing and that’s food. Cheating can ruin trust with future
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