Causes And Effects Of Child Abuse

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CHITOU Maryam 4/04/16
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Mohamed Chitou April 4 ,2015


Subject: Causes and effects of child abuse, suggestions to assist victims and punishment for abusers.

Each year, nearly a million children are determined by child protective services to be the victims of abuse and/or neglect in this/country, while many more are at risk. The majority of victims suffer from neglect, but some children also endure the effects of physical, psychological, or sexual abuse. Child abuse results in several social, emotional and psychological problems. This essay will discuss the causes and effects of child abuse as well as provide suggestions to assist the victims and finally the consequences on the abusers.

In the United Stated, the problem was first identified as a major issue when in 1962 C Henry Kempe conducted a survey and found out that in eighty-eight hospitals, there were some 302 children who had suffered some injury as a result of abuse and were termed battered. This for the first time brought the problem to the forefront though there had been some other studies before this too. The public was aware that child abuse was present but it was present in epidemical proportions was it came to know the publication of the research by Kempe. We can classify the reasons of child abuse into 3 different ways: parental causes, ecological causes and child problems. One of the cause
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