Causes And Effects Of Global Warming

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CO2 Emissions have steadily increased since the industrial revolution. The world is now producing too much CO2 and the planet cannot clean up after us humans. This leads to heat from the sun getting trapped into our atmosphere, producing heat and pollution, known as Global Warming. Everyday activities from humans are damaging the environment. Having both Natural Sources and Human Sources of CO2 it becomes a very hard problem to solve and with unimaginable consequences. There are many ways to reduce CO2 emissions in the planet, some which include electric cars, solar, nuclear and hydropower energy. Although some people will claim that nuclear energy will not work or question its safety, it has become a major alternative power supplier in the world to help reduce the CO2 emissions that lead to global warming and potential extinction of life.
The industrial revolution happened for people to be able to mass produce products, bringing down the price of labor and quickly produce their products to meet demand. Factories and mass production machines were invented; running on coal, these machineries and factories started contaminating our planet. Starting in the industrial revolution, society began adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere at a steadily increasing rate. Greenhouse gases have been proven to be the effect of humans and the cause of climate change. The warming of the planet is because of these greenhouse gases are getting trapped and warming the planet. Research
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