Causes And Effects Of Global Warming

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Global warming refers to an extended increase in the earth's average and average temperatures of the atmosphere and water bodies especially the oceans and seas. The problem of global warming has resulted in various negative ramifications affecting humankind. Human activities have significantly led to the increasing effects of global warming that is experienced in different places worldwide. Global warming was experienced in the 20th century when the earth's average temperature rose by 0.60 Celsius from an average temperature of oceans and the atmosphere (Ritter, 11-21). Global warming distracts the typical living conditions since the temperatures increase to extreme limits and deplete the Ozone layer which is meant to protect human being from the effects of direct rays of the sun. The Ozone layer is very significant and needs to be preserved to avoid the impact of direct sunshine which causes sunburns on human skin. It is clear that global warming has been increasing to a more significant extent since the 18th century due to the actions of human beings themselves. The core reason behind this tremendous increase is the new developments in technology and setting up of industries. Industries emit dangerous gases from burning fossils fuels, gasoline hence producing carbon dioxide which depletes the Ozone layer which is purposely meant to shield the earth from direct sunshine. This paper discusses the various causes of global warming that has been majorly attributed to humans
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