Causes And Effects Of Immigration

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The rise and fall of immigrants has composed a tremendous population and workforce to accommodate the rapidly growing economy, giving millions of foreigners not only opportunity, but also refuge in times of need. Counteractively, immigration has also had a history of causing continuous, contemporary issues within our government today. Immigration has had tremendous effects that have shaped America and contributed to the country’s identity concerning cultural and racial diversity, dynamic dilemmas, and overall magnetism of the country.
For hundreds of years, the United States has been interpreted as a land of hope and opportunity internationally. A tremendous event in history that flooded the states with immigration, both national and international, was the Gold Rush of 1849. This discovery pulled thousands of people from Asia, specifically China, to the U.S. with the motivation of wealth. The Gold Rush triggered immigration which lasted until 1876, resulting in 116,000 Chinese to migrate to California out of 158,000 nationwide (Norton). After the gold excitement settled, immigrants from all over were now planted in America. Forced to make a life for themselves in this new land, many turned to agriculture to earn a living. The increase of agriculture in the states Europe, especially Germany, with the dream of starting their own farm. There was a surplus of fertile farmland, whereas in European countries, there was a scarcity of available farmland. However, wealth was not
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