Causes And Effects Of Kidnapping

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Currently, The crime of Kidnapping is a global issue which is increasing annually. The exact meaning of kidnapping is abducting and holding anyone captive. This is typically done to obtain ransoms which might be increased continually, but the reasons are not always clear. Moreover, kidnappings can generate severe effects on the poor victims and also their families. Therefore this essay will have a closer look at the several causes and negative effects of kidnapping. There are several causes for and negative effects of kidnapping for which several recommendations can be provided. The first cause is Money can lead to kidnapping for several reasons. The first reason is that it is able to acquire a lot of money in one time. This is because when an offender kidnapped children and demanded some amount of ransoms from their parents. Its price is very quite high and so worthwhile if he compared with doing other jobs. According to Peterson (2010), “The demands for money or ransoms can reach enormous and outrageous heights, with more than 14 countries recording cases of $25 million or more in recent…show more content…
One effect is a occurrence of inferiority complex. A unpleasant experience when they were kidnapped. Uzochukw (2017) reports that it can be a mental scar for children which can lead them to fear of getting kidnapped and show a lack of trust to strangers and might include people around them. Another effect is having psychological trauma when humans get stuck in an abnormal situation for a long time, their mind will suffer an abnormal state. For example it may lead to depression, anxiety and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). From this negative effect will might affect in their daily life such as they might not go outside if it’s not necessary or develop any relationship with anyone and definitely consider all situations as negative which could be linked to the terrible situation they
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