Causes And Effects Of The Black Death

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The Black Death was the most dangerous and contagious widespread disease in history. The Black Death lasted from 1347 to 1351 spreading across Europe killing millions. This is classified as the longest disease that still hasn't had a proper cure for. The disease originated in China and spread across trade routes by interaction and communication. Rodents and Fleas caused the disease by a simple bite to a human even animals causing them to have numerous symptoms which led to death. The Black Death had three types of forms called Bubonic Plague, Septicemic Plague and Pneumonic Plague. This dreadful worldwide disease affected mainly socially, economic and political. The Black Death effected the plague in many ways for life or temporary but…show more content…
Families members were depressed and bored during this time. Families were also lost or broken “fathers would leave their sons” which would mean they would die. People were shocked by this out break by seeing their neighbours healthy one day and then in the morning dead” During this time Jews were hated because people thought they were causing this by poisoning wells. Jews were killed or quartered because this terrible belief(see photo no.2) . Others thought this was gods punishment. People called flageolets was a group who ran around the neighbourhood whiping them self’s begging for mercy. But really they spread the disease. Political- This was known as the worst time for politics because the outbreak was so serious it meant people wouldn’t work and people would want to change laws and protest. This caused many political uprisings. It was believed during that time the pope was stranger then the king because peoples relied so much on god as he was doing all of this. Many high officials were infected then slowly died which meant the government was very unstable. The king isolated himself which meant communication was difficult between one another. Farm owners and merchant owners would die leaving the serfs or peasants to take ownership of it. Highest officials in the Feudal system demanded much higher wages for the serfs to work for them. Serfs were allowed to leave and have freedom which meant higher people couldn’t rely on them so they died.

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