Causes And Effects Of The North Sea Flood

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The North Sea Flood occurred within Saturday, 31st January 1953, and seemed to remain persistent prior to subsiding within the morning of Sunday, 1st February. Regardless of initial concerns regarding a plausible flood arising, citizens within the coastal regions of England and the Netherlands remained ignorant toward constant cautionary aids. The North Sea Flood has been considered as a calamitous phenomenon that has forced detriments upon the citizens that resided nearing the Northern Sea ; coastal areas of Netherlands, England, Belgium, France as well as Denmark. Oblivion toward the aftermath of the flooding resulted within fatalities and varying injuries. This remains as the focal reasoning referring to constant fatalities regarding floods.

(Social Impacts)
Immense devastation was apparent consequential to the occurrence of the disaster, the number of casualties were intensified through the lack of initial response to warnings, that hindered individuals to evacuate prior to the flooding. Foregoing the flood devastating the citizens within several eastern European nations, Princess Victoria; an English passenger vessel, attempted to journey across the Irish Sea. Once departed, the passengers’ ferry experienced the initial developments of the European windstorm. 133 fatalities occurred once the Princess Victoria voyaged across the Irish Sea, the vigorous windstorm continually developed to form a flood that aimed to devastate the social and environmental stability
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