Causes And Solutions Of India 's Poverty

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Causes and Solutions to India’s Poverty
In India, the economic stability is challenged by the differentiating standards of poverty between the state and the citizen(s). The welfare policies implemented by the government programs have not and are not yet able to meet the standards that will be beneficial in producing a healthy society. The government of India and the citizens share different political ideologies concerning the economic infrastructure of their country. The state level of governance has not yet been capable of meeting the correct economic standards in the process of development in order to achieve a small gap between the poor and wealthy civilians entitled to their state. That in mind, the state level did not cause the mass poverty of India but has not yet found the factors to resolve the issue of inequality poverty within India.
Alternative Explanations
The cause of poverty within India may not be elaborated through the global or state levels of governance. From a global standpoint, factors such as the United Nations as well as many other countries and forms of power differ in their definitions of poverty. India has been questioned by foreign countries about their policies and standards relating to poverty, but for all there is not a definitive answer. Not having a set universal principle for issues such as poverty causes uncertainty among the citizen’s opinions. The state did not implement systems that discriminated against wealth, for example…
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