Nursing Shortage Essay

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Causes That Attribute to the Nursing Shortage
Sheina Serrano
Felician University

Causes That Attribute to the Nursing Shortage
Nursing is a wonderful and reward filling career to embark on. Nursing programs are becoming more intense and may require a higher degree of education to work in specialty fields. In spite of having many nursing and certifications programs available, whether on campus or online and many graduates year after year, we still have a crucial concern which is the nursing shortage. It is apparent that the nursing shortage has been on ongoing problem for many years. There are several issues that effect this shortage. Some of these issues include injuries, mandatory overtime, the aging generation
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Mandatory overtime causes fatigue, stress, and eventually burnout (Dolamo et al., 2012). Nonetheless, of these issues there is still the major problem of nursing shortage that must be addressed and fixed.
One concern that we really have no control over is the generation gap affecting the shortage. On the positive side, more males seem to be setting their foot into this profession. When working in the perioperative department, nurses are constantly challenged with the physical and mental aspects of the field. A physical challenge could be moving patients, medical devices and other equipment (Dolamo et al., 2012). This can affect the nursing profession, for example say as a result of the constant lifting and positioning of patients’ a nurse’s back becomes injured over time. This may make the nurse resign from the position or possibly force them to take a different position with lighter duties so they can continue to work. Injuries to the back is the most common reason of forced retirement with nurses (Dolamo et al., 2012). This leaves an open position to fill and the best skills of that nurse gone. Nurses may also injure themselves just by a simple neglect of workplace safety such as uneven or slippery surfaces (Dolamo et al., 2012). Another issue that stems into bigger things is the managerial use of mandatory overtime to fill shortage of staffing (Dolamo
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